abandon -

v. to give up absolutely; to forsake entirely; to renounce utterly; to relinquish all connection with or concern on; to desert, as a person to whom one owes allegiance or fidelity; to quit; to surrender

alter ego

live life from birth to death, making choices that affect your personality and physical well-being.

block death

a museum of horrors done entirely in lego blocks.


stealing music by way of mp3s has never been easier.

brunching shuttlecocks

sarcasm, reviews, generators, toys, and other fine uses of bandwidth.

died online

the issue is constantly raised 'if i died, all the people that know me online would never know'. the simple solution to this is diedonline.com, which gives you a snippet of code to place on your website, AIM profile, or message board signature to inform people of your current electroencephalographic status. just for the record, find out if i'm dead or not.

impressing room

a marvel of modern technology. people upload pictures of themselves for you to leave snide remarks on, then you upload pictures of yourself and they all return the favor. i can insult people from across the globe. what an age we live in. i'm username mordacity.

joe cartoon

flash cartoons. profanity and exploding heads abound.


flash movies and games. sick ones.


brilliant interactive artwork done in flash. dedicate an hour's time and click on everything.

prattle and spite

discuss current events, children's television, method of necrosis, and random acts of cruelty with a bunch of cynical creeps (including myself).

rotten cotton

sleazy t-shirts


series of online short films by tim burton

the tard blog

have a few laughs at the expense of the mentally handicapped. they don't mind. 'Our principal walks in the room and asks "What is the problem?" At this question, I can only wonder if the naked, screaming retard in the rice box is a figment of my imagination.'


lots of interesting random generators including the prior art-o-matic which will give you a product and the advertising slogan generator, which will give you a snappy slogan for your product. "you've got questions. we've got herpes."

t-shirt hell

vastly inappropriate and insensitive t-shirts


connect to and use aim, icq, yim, and msn messenger all with one program.

wish list

buy me a present.