benevolence to small furry things
[ 02.25.03 | 03.56 pm ]
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when i opened the front door to check the mail today a big black cat ran up like it expected me to let it in. i watched it through the storm door, it sat patiently like it thought it lived here. i closed the front door and expected it to go away. i walked out the back door and around to the front of the house to the mailbox. it was still there, and sauntered up to greet me. it was black, but then towards it's underside it was rust-colored. it didn't have a tail. i let it smell my hand and then it let me pet it. when i walked away it followed me. i walked through the front yard, and through the backyard, barefoot in 32 degree weather through wet leaves, back to the garage. i opened the door and walked inside, let it follow me and look around.. so at least it knows somewhere warm to sleep tonight. came back in the house, slipped on my boots, and put some cat food on a plate for it. took the food outside and left it in the garage. i didn't see the cat, but at least if it's still slinking around somewhere it'll have something to eat tonight. obviously i'm not superstitious. .. i've kind of wanted a black kitty with no tail.