[ 03.14.03 | 05.23 pm ]
mood  |  happy  ]
talking to  |  bonnie  ]
music  |  me humming NES music to myself  ]

i got my scanner hooked back up and working. that's some pictures off the last roll i got developed.  
i had two odd dreams last night. the first.. i had these things they were calling 'lice' but they were more like maggots. and they'd burrow half their body into your skin. when you ran your hand over them they felt like goosebumps. i had this spray that killed them, and it worked.. you'd spray them and they'd die and come out and you could brush them off.. but it was hard finding everywhere they were on you. then finally i got them all off and got in my bed and there were swarms of them under my blankets. then i woke up.  
when i went back to sleep, i had a dream i was in a house. my room was in the back, and the floor in that part of the house was about 6 feet lower than the ground outside. so i had a picture window that looked out onto a little concrete path that went around the house and on the other side of that was a wooden wall that held up the edge of the hole that part of the house was in. i was on the computer and heard a loud thump at that picture window. i looked and there was a pig. it walked out of my view and then it was on the top, above the wooden wall. it was jumping off that and against the window trying to get in. i closed my door and walked through the rest of the house. piled up in corners and on furniture were all these sleeping pigs. i think i eventually ended up calling 911 and telling them there were a bunch of pigs in my house.  
i don't really know why i've been dreaming this vividly lately. i don't remember ever having dreams this clear this often.  
on a slightless less disturbing note, when i woke up and had the best day i've had in a while. i'm got back $80 in state taxes i didn't know i was getting, and it's looking like bonnie's going to be able to come this summer. oh joy.. oh rapture..