[ 03.18.03 | 11.13 am ]
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i put in an online app at circlek.com.. they actually called me today. i'm supposed to go in and fill out a full app today.  
i don't really want a job. well, i take that back. i do want a job at the band house (guitar/drum store. i take lessons from a private instructor that has a room there, and because of that i've gotten to know the employees and like the store; i put in an app and was informed they're not hiring). i just don't want a job like circle k.  
i need money though, and although i have 8 months experience as an IT and sys admin.. i don't have my certifications. and i don't have the money to get my certifications. and without my certifications it's too much work for too little pay.  
so, i'm stuck.