[ 03.18.03 | 09.03 pm ]
mood  |  drained  ]
talking to  |  nobody (where's bonnie?)  ]
music  |  marilyn manson - new model no. 15  ]

well, i went to circle k at noon and did the full app and honesty/intellegence test. on 'A is the first letter of the alphabet.' i was severely tempted to click 'Somewhat disagree'.  
when i went back this evening to pick up a twelve pack of diet cokes, benjamin (the guy who always seems to be there when i go buy cigarettes.. i've got a little clip of him talking in that audio entry i did that's in diffuse) told me the manager really liked me and i'd probably get hired. i'm still making up my mind how i feel about that.. but either way, if i get it i'll just see how it goes. i may like it, i may hate it.. but i can always quit.  
"Most people that know me like me" ... "Agree"  
my test is going to come back "he's very intellegent, but damn he's vain"  
other than that nothing much is going on. my mom's gotten to golbez in FF2 and is getting her ass kicked. i've been arguing in the impressing room forums (this thread and this one) about the war on iraq.  
and when it comes right down to it, i just want to talk to bonnie and go to bed.