[ 03.24.03 | 06.34 pm ]
mood  |  pissed off  ]
talking to  |  bonnie  ]
music  |  russian violin  ]

my bank card came today. i called to activate it and it says my phone number is wrong. ok, whatever. daniel gets here and we call the manager of the club we were supposed to do a show at friday. he decided to move us to saturday. which isn't a big deal other than the fact i've had people putting up flyers for friday. then i went over to feed jake.. i'm supposed to be taking care of him while the owners are out of town. after he tried to maul daniel and wouldn't play fetch i got him his food and left. i rode by the bank to use my card in the ATM, which is supposed to activate it. i did a balance inquiry and it says i have $0. i should have $85. i came home and checked online at hibernia.com and it has the $85 deposit and no transactions after that, and still says my balance is $0. fucking.. ok.. call the bank. they're closed. and to add insult to injury they had shitty hold music while unbeknownst to me i was just waiting to hear the recording of their business hours. jesus christ, you'd think i was calling the first national bank of russia.  
i'm so pissed right now i'm laughing at myself.