tonedeaf - superman
the very first tonedeaf song circa 2000. at this point in time i was referring to it as 'my crappy techno' or 'cybernetic dissonance'.

tonedeaf - to start press any key
boredom is the mother of invention. bring up a little wistful nostalgia courtesy of the win95 system sounds.

tonedeaf - charlie loves you
i got a sample from one of charles manson's interviews with the parole board and dropped it in an odd little techno song. it's been described as sounding like 'evil clown music', whatever that means.

tonedeaf - frag 'em all
i'm a self-confessed doom addict. this one is a techno cover of the music from e1m1, complete with demon growls and shotgun blasts. watch the video

tonedeaf - i know you are (but what am i?)
the first (and only) tonedeaf song of 2001. i had a creepy little peewee herman doll that talked when you pulled a string on the back. i recorded the sound of the voice and slowed it down, then backtracked it.

tonedeaf - phenylalanine 2003 (feat. stanley peachy peaches)
i really didn't do any of this kind of stuff in 2002, but i had a tape i had made with my mini-tape recorder of my friend and method of necrosis bassist, rob (also known as stanley peachy peaches), rapping about a salesman at the company i used to work for. near the beginning of 2003 i decided to load it up in my mixing software and add a drum beat behind it. things went from there. i remembered i had a wav of him saying 'phenylalanine' in a voice i can't even fathom how he does. and yes, that's me sounding like the queen of england yelling 'hippopotamus'. by the way, phenylalanine is one of the two amino acids that make up aspartame, the artificial sweetener in a lot of sugar-free products, including my beloved diet coke.

tonedeaf - looney tunes (industrial theme)
for comic relief when rob and i would play in public we'd do the looney tunes theme or the old 60's batman theme. this was just another boredom-inspired creation.


oh, just so you'll know, the 'music' here is legally covered by copyright. i'm pretty lax about this stuff though, so if you'd like to use one of these songs for something (although honestly i can't imagine what, other than maybe irritating siblings or family pets) just shoot me an email and let me know. chances are i'll grant permission.